Linking part-time placements for a full-time, immersive learning experience

One of our private providers has supported 2nd- and 3rd-year student placements in which the student worked across both NHS and private health care services. Caragh (3rd Year) and Rachel (2nd year) each worked part-time in the local continence service and part-time in the private health clinic. Their placements required them to undertake assessment, intervention … Read more

Developing a Training Programme for mobility equipment in rural Papua New Guinea

Physiotherapy student Anna and Occupational Therapy student Jo joined Australian Occupational Therapy students Kate & Brooklyn from James Cook University in Townsville for this 100% virtual placement in January 2021. Their project was to support the provision of mobility equipment provided to members of a small rural community in Keapara in Papua New Guinea and … Read more

Australian Playground Project – 100% virtual Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy placement

Leah and Lisa carried out a project to design a playground for a mainstream school in Australia. They worked alongside Australian Occupational Therapy students from James Cook University to develop playground designs for age-appropriate, safe playground equipment for a new school build. Each year group needed a specific space to maximise their potential and meet … Read more

Developing an Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy Service in a Mainstream School

The Challenges and Joys of a Contemporary Placement  Janet and Becky carried out a 10-week, part time placement at a mainstream primary school. This was the first time that the school had opened their doors to healthcare students and they were keen to see what value therapy students could add to their inclusive provision. Previously I hadn’t done any Occupational … Read more