Student views on being part of the team at Casa Mia

Casa Mia currently offers placements at every opportunity, for up to 6 students at a time. This enables students to form multi-professional, mixed year group teams which build on one another’s knowledge and skills for the benefit of all. In a previous blog post, Practice Educator Claire explained how the students help her to meet the needs of the service users. This post shares more student experiences of the placement and is illustrated with images of interventions they have experienced along the way

“My experience at Casa Mia has enabled me to truly understand the meaning of occupations and their importance to the residents in the setting who live with a range of mental health conditions. Using theoretical framework l have enabled clients to plan and develop their days from writing meal plans, shopping for and preparing meals with support. Through the use of mindfulness and visualisation scripts, I have enabled a client to address and work through anxiety. The setting encourages clients to be involved in gardening and animal care, I never thought as a student Occupational Therapist I would be bathing a guinea pig with a client but the put joy it brought to them to be able to care for their much-loved pet is immeasurable”

Rachael, 2nd year Occupational Therapy Student

Some of the interventions students tell us they have been involved in (not an exhaustive list!) are: Hand massage, Foot massage, Baking/cooking, Karaoke, Gardening, Shopping, Pool tournament, Board games, 1 to 1 support with clients who needed time to talk about things that concerned them and putting them at ease, Helping clients to organise their rooms and possessions, Cricket…

Casa Mia was one of my favourite placements, it was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much from both physiotherapy and occupational therapy peers and practice educator. Throughout the placement, I was encouraged to utilise my creativity to provide individualised and engaging interventions for patients. I felt that we were all valued by residents and members of staff and were able to let our individuality shine through. It was an excellent opportunity to enhance team working, communication, and organisational skills. This placement shaped me to be an independent, enthusiastic physio who will always strive to achieve the best person-centred care for their patients. No two days were the same at Casa Mia and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there!

Gwen, 3rd year Physiotherapy student

“The placement offers opportunities to build communication skills as well as using standardised outcome measures and assessments such as MOHO. I felt very supported by the Practice Educator as well as other staff members and the achievement of Learning Outcomes was discussed very clearly in the induction week. I was also impressed by the variety of activities offered to clients and the individual level of independence offered dependent on their unique needs and preferences. I have also enjoyed the personal atmosphere and peer-support from fellow students as well as trips into the community. Great learning experience!”

Lena, 2nd year Occupational Therapy student

“Casa Mia has been a fantastic first placement, there are lots of opportunities to learn and it is so rewarding to see the positive impact our activities have on the residents.”

Sarah, 1st year Occupational Therapy student

My placement really gave me a good grounding in Occupational Therapy and I enjoyed it so much I’m back volunteering this year.

Rachael, 2nd year Occupational Therapy Student

Casa Mia offer very many regular placements, so come back often for more student quotes and stories!

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